Insights Women’s Programme Helps Julie to Believe and Succeed
02 July 2020

Women’s Programme Helps Julie to Believe and Succeed

A women’s probation programme ran by Kent, Surrey and Sussex Community Rehabilitation Company, part of the Seetec Group, has helped Julie to change her life.

Julie*, a mum of two, had begun drinking excessively to cope with her grief following the loss of a loved one. She struggled to cope, and the courts sentenced her for child neglect. Social services also stepped in to remove her children from her care.

Thanks to the support of the programme and her Probation Officer, Julie was able to address her drinking problem.

The six-week women’s programme, called Believe and Succeed, improved Julie’s self-confidence and self-esteem. As a result, she began to set herself some longer-term goals.

Because of the long-lasting and sustainable changes Julie made, she was able to get her children back.

After completing Believe and Succeed, the programme’s team allowed Julie to facilitate the groups.  The experience gave Julie the confidence to apply for a paid job with User Voice. 

Julie says: “The support I received on probation has helped me to get to where I am now. I’m no longer drinking. I am caring for my children and working full-time. I’m happy and fulfilled. I couldn’t be happier!”

Watch the video to listen to Julie’s full story.

*We’ve changed Julie’s name to protect her identity