Insights Prisoner says he has “gained the skills to succeed” on his release
25 January 2021

Prisoner says he has “gained the skills to succeed” on his release

Forklift driver

Grant* says two of our prison courses have given him the confidence and skills to find a job and resettle back in the community following his release. 


Having a young family, Grant wanted to find a job and avoid returning to prison in the future. But he worried people wouldn't give him a second chance.  He had criminal convictions and lacked work experience. 


His prison officer referred him to the workshops we run with Remade with Hope in prison. The workshops replicate the commercial realities of a job and business. They help people like Grant to improve their job readiness.


Our employment coach also works alongside the workshop employees to increase their basic Maths and English skills, self-esteem and understanding of an employer’s expectations.


When Grant first came to our workshop at HMP Thorn Cross, he was quiet and needed lots of reassurance. With our Employment Coach’s help, Grant gained confidence and learned new skills, including quality control, problem-solving and stock rotation. He quickly excelled in his role and was promoted to Workshop Supervisor.


The Employment Coach also worked with Grant to identify the skills he would need to gain outside of the workshop to apply for job openings in his release area. With funding support from us and help to enrol on a health and safety course, Grant was able to obtain his forklift truck licence.  


Grant also completed our Life Skills course to help him with his resettlement back into the community. The programme improves prisoners' consequential thinking, budgeting, healthy living and relationship skills.


A paid job after his prison release 

On release, Grant soon gained a job as a forklift driver.


Grant said: “I feel more confident about my future. Through the Life Skills course, I have a better understanding of where to go to get advice. I’ve also gained some new skills to help me transition back into the community. Juliet [the Employment Coach] was amazing. She helped me to apply for jobs and write an excellent CV. I am so thankful for her support.”


Employment Coach Juliet said: “It’s wonderful to see how both the workshop and Life Skills courses have helped Grant on his release. It is a complete transformation. He is so much more confident than when I first started working with him. I wish him all the best in his new career”.


Well done Grant. We wish you all the best in your new role.


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*We've changed the individual's name to protect their identity