Insights Giving Service Users A Voice
18 July 2017

Giving Service Users A Voice

Service user council meeting

Putting service users at the heart of our solution has led us to contract with User Voice, who work with us and our service users to improve the way in which we deliver our services. We have an established Service User Council and employ former service users as Case Support Workers – all aimed at increasing positive engagement with our delivery model. As a result, we have been able to engage in a more productive manner with those most likely not to comply with their court sentence.

Andrew* is a case in point. As he missed many probation appointments and, despite many attempts by his supervisor, failed to re-engage with the service, he was breached and sent back to court. In these circumstances, a service user can be returned or sent to prison, meaning potential loss of housing as well as any paid employment – two factors highly counterproductive to rehabilitation which increase the likelihood of reoffending.

Case Support Workers have a personal and practical understanding of the challenges service users face. Their guidance and support enables those hard-to-reach service users, such as Andrew, to take part in, and take responsibility for their own rehabilitative journey towards a crime-free life.

This is just one of the many proposals which has resulted from the direct collaboration between us and those who are using our rehabilitation services that will hopefully help to achieve our goal of reducing reoffending.

*Name has been changed to protect privacy.