Insights From Prison to Payday
01 October 2019

From Prison to Payday

Getting prisoners construction jobs

October 2019 may become memorable for many things, most of them Brexit related, but for prisoners at HMP Thorn Cross it marks the eleventh person to get a job with Cidon Construction in ten months thanks to a successful partnership involving Seetec Justice.

Seetec Justice, Cidon Construction and Remade with Hope have been working together to teach prisoners the essential skills they need to become steel fabricators.

The joint work sees individuals working on Cidon Construction's work sites in Manchester and Liverpool while on a temporary licence from prison.

To increase their job readiness, individuals gain real-life work experience through the Remade with Hope prison workshops, which replicate the commercial realities of a job and business. The Seetec Justice employment coach also works with individuals to increase their work and life skills, self-esteem and understanding of an employer’s expectations.

Seetec Justice’s Employment Coach Juliet Cain said: "We've helped individuals to grow in confidence and learn how to tackle issues they would have previously found daunting, such as getting to work when public transport fails. In the past, many of the individuals would have given up and gone home if this type of thing happened. Now they understand the importance of sticking with it and finding a solution."

Seetec’s Group Justice Director Nigel Bennett said: “We are incredibly proud of this innovative scheme, which is fully paid for by a commercial enterprise. It demonstrates how we can come up with new solutions to old problems that are both effective and rewarding to prisoners, prisons, employers and the community. Well done to all involved!”

Seetec Justice reduces reoffending and creates safer communities through tailored rehabilitation practice, skills training and real work opportunities. Working within five prisons, they inspire and support prisoners to achieve their employment goals. They bring employers into prisons replicating real working environments to increase the chances of prisoners getting jobs post-release.

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