Insights Assisting Ex-Offenders in Finding Work
15 August 2017

Assisting Ex-Offenders in Finding Work

Assisting Ex-Offenders in Finding Work

John* was referred to one of Seetec’s employability centres through MAPPA, a multi-agency process through which the police, probation and prison services work together with other agencies.

His consultant, well aware of the process of working with people with criminal records, held a private discussion with John so he could disclose his offence and discuss any restrictions that had been set.  John was not allowed into a nearby city and all the vacancies in his local town were mainly via recruitment agencies due to the time of year.

John’s consultant had connections with a trusted windows and doors employer and knew they were recruiting again. After speaking with the owner and dispelling the myths of employing someone with a criminal record, he decided to give John a chance. They had a factory worker/cleaner position with some additional responsibilities available and John was asked to attend an interview. But before he could attend he would need to get agreement from his probation office regarding the role, the company, the location and the employees currently working there.

John was invited for interview but getting to the factory would be difficult as it was in a semi-rural location. John decided to cycle but unfortunately, the commute was a mighty two and a half hours each way.

The feedback from his interview was outstanding but the journey time was unacceptable. The employer was prepared to offer John a job if he could get to work in an acceptable timescale. After looking at many different transports options, it was decided that the easiest method was to purchase a foldable bike and travel on the train, bus and then cycle the rest of the journey.

After much interaction with John’s probation officer, he was prepared to authorise John starting work providing he had a job specification, job offer and assurances that the employer was fully aware of the offence and they were not going to employ anyone under the age of 18. John’s Seetec consultant also mapped out his journey to and from work to ensure he didn’t deviate from the route.

John started work and was clearly overwhelmed by Seetec’s help in assisting him in getting a job.

*Name has been changed to protect privacy