Insights Abuser learns skills to end his abuse on perpetrator programme
06 October 2020

Abuser learns skills to end his abuse on perpetrator programme

Domestic abuse programme

Jamie says he is still using the skills he learnt from the domestic abuse programme he went on three years ago with Seetec's probation services in the South-East of England. 

He completed the Building Better Relationships programme with Kent, Surrey and Sussex Community Rehabilitation Company in 2017 after a physical assault on his partner.

Over 30 sessions, the programme gives perpetrators the psychological understanding and skills to avoid turning to coercion, control, violence and intimidation again. By using these newfound skills, the perpetrator can make a positive life-decision and end their abusive behaviour.

A domestic abuse safety advisor also supports the partner or ex-partner. They help them to gain access to local and national support agencies and develop an individualised safety plan to keep them and any children free from harm.

Jamie says the programme was difficult because he had to reflect on his past behaviour. 

He said: “I realised even where I hadn’t been psychically abusive to my partner, my behaviour was intimidating. I used to storm around the house and mutter under my breath. I would let things build up until I exploded. I didn’t manage my feelings.”

On the domestic abuse programme, Jamie learnt ways to control his actions, respect others and think before he acted.

Jamie is now in a new relationship and says he continues to reflect on the tools the programme gave him, so he can keep working on being the better version of himself.

He said: “I’ve learnt new skills I can use daily to help me think and reflect on my behaviour and to see the other person’s point of view. It’s helped me to be more considerate of their feelings.”

KSS CRC’s Assistant Chief Probation Officer for Interventions Carl Hall said: “Research shows around a quarter of perpetrators in the UK who cause serious harm are repeat offenders and, in some cases, they have had at least six victims. While supporting victims is the priority, programmes such as these are a way of holding the perpetrator to account while giving them life-long skills, so they can choose to end their abuse.”

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