Insights What is Probation?
09 October 2017

What is Probation?

Community Payback

Probation is a term frequently used but rarely understood, often causing confusion in the minds of the public who often, unless they have first hand experience of it, form their views from TV dramas and press reporting. What is often missing from this picture is the highly professional and proactive nature of the work enaging with those who have committed crimes to find ways in which they can refrain from doing so again.

Part of the Seetec Group, Kent, Surrey and Sussex Community Rehabilitation Company (KSS CRC) delivers a range of services to offenders classed as low to medium risk.

Our approach works on the premise that to become crime-free, a person needs to take responsibility for their own actions. For this to happen, a person must first understand what it is that makes them offend and then start to change their thinking about that behaviour. This approach puts the onus on the fact it's 'my problem' and 'my solution' - which sets up the right conditions for rehabilitation to work.

KSS CRC’s overall performance has been acknowledged to be ‘among the best of any CRC nationally’ and the inspectors were particularly impressed with our ‘commitment to working with individuals fully in planning their own route away from crime’. (Source: HM Inspectorate of Probation Inspection Report 2016).

At our initial contact with service users, including those being released from custody, we assess their needs and, together with them, plan a programme of rehabilitation. This programme is based on the requirements of the court for community orders and suspended sentence orders.

Rehabilitation may include taking part in courses we run to address issues such as domestic abuse, treatment of drug and alcohol problems, supporting treatment for mental health issues and developing life skills, including literacy and numeracy.

Alongside accommodation, family and community support, employment plays a critical role in rehabilitation. Our strong credentials in providing careers advice, developing skills and creating employment opportunities, combined with our rehabilitation expertise, enable us to achieve better outcomes for everyone.

Our core aim is to reduce reoffending: turning people away from crime to lead more productive lives, reducing the number of victims of crime and helping to safeguard the communities in which we live.

This is what the highly dedicated and skilled staff in probation work hard, every day,  to achieve.