Insights The Importance of Continuing Developing Workforce Skills
08 August 2018

The Importance of Continuing Developing Workforce Skills

The Importance of Developing Workforce Skills

Investing in skills is vital for delivering regional growth strategies. As part of a programme part-funded by the European Social Fund, Seetec has been working with New Anglia LEP to provide funded training to businesses across Norfolk and Suffolk. In this guest blog, we hear from Natasha Waller, Skills Manager for New Anglia LEP about its skills growth solutions.

The New Anglia LEP region contributes £35.5bn to UK PLC and is the second fastest growing area for high growth firms. Employment rates are higher than the UK average.

However, living standards are below the UK average and skills levels are still not where we want them to be. Nearly all our key sectors are crying out for talented, motivated people to take their businesses forward. The recently launched sector skills plans back this up and all have a number of recommendations to address the issues.

There needs to be a partnership approach to working through solutions. One organisation or initiative isn’t going to solve it alone.

The work of Seetec and others is an important stepping stone for change. For a long time too, many businesses haven’t supported employees to upskill so cultural change is essential. Ultimately the vast majority of staff want to do a good job so they need their skills updated on a regular basis in order to be at their most productive. It is expensive and challenging to recruit new staff so look after the ones you have!

The work of our Skills Board looks to:

  • drive skills progression for the workforce
  • provide agile and responsive training provision for our key sectors
  • equip young people for success
  • tackle barriers to employment

Social mobility is linked with everything we do, and we don’t want to be a talking shop – more an active, innovative group of people committed to driving inclusion and skills!

You can read more about New Anglia LEP’s skills work at

If you’re an employer in Norfolk or Suffolk interested in funded training for your workforce, contact Seetec today.