Insights The Apprenticeship Levy: Picking a Partner
03 May 2017

The Apprenticeship Levy: Picking a Partner

Apprenticeship Levy - Puzzle Piece

As with all relationships, finding the right partner is much more than the ‘offer’, matching culture, ethos, direction and skill sets will enable a fruitful long-term relationship. Linking to my earlier article regarding long-term strategy, all stakeholders in the partnership need to buy into the strategy, understand it and own it.

Once you have found someone you like here are my first 3 areas for consideration before signing on the line;

Data Management

The ability to report information is critical. How will a provider capture and record you individual requirements/measures? How will they display/communicate this data? How will it drive action and improvement? How will it integrate/compliment your existing LMS infrastructure? You need to ensure your chosen provider understands your measures and you drivers, getting ‘under-the-skin’ and understanding what makes your business tick will enable a provider to develop MI that truly has an impact.

Specialist Delivery

Most levy paying organisations are multi-faceted and will require a wide range of pathways to meet their skills needs, it is not likely that a single provider will be the expert in all these areas, so are they able to manage a supply chain – Can they identify specialist providers, engage them and support them to deliver to your requirements?


Considerations need to be given to whether a provider can support your total business – size, location, specialism all play a part. Can they fully integrate themselves into your business, if required?

Seetec has a dedicated corporate account team who can manage and support all your requirements, including development of customised dashboards to enable real-time MI as well as white labelled LMS products to ensure full integration. To find out how you can ensure a return on your investment get in touch to arrange a free, no obligation consultation.