Insights Seetec Takes the Pledge
20 May 2020

Seetec Takes the Pledge


Seetec Group has committed to signing the Time to Change Employer Pledge, which focuses on changing the way companies think and act about mental health in the workplace.

To mark Mental Health Awareness Week (18th May - 22nd), Seetec Group CEO, John Baumback, has today (22nd May), signed this pledge as a mark of the organisation’s ongoing commitment to improve attitudes and behaviour in relation to mental health within the Seetec organisation.

The Time to Change Employer Pledge, which is supported by a 12 Month Employer Action Plan, helps organisations to put in place best-practice interventions and policies to help staff work in ways that promote a positive mental wellbeing.

Due to the recent circumstances of the Covid-19 pandemic, the pledge which is usually signed in front of employees instead saw John Baumback delivering the pledge over video for employees at Seetec to witness.

The Time to Change Employer Pledge is more vital than ever with statistics from the organisation suggesting that one in four British workers are affected by conditions like anxiety, depression and stress every year. The findings also suggest that nine out of ten people who experience mental health problems say they face stigma and discrimination as a result.

Seetec Group joins over 1,400 organisations, employing over 3 million people, having now signed the Time to Change Employer Pledge, all moving towards a common goal to change the approaches to mental health in the workplace and ensuring attitudes are improved towards employees facing mental health issues.

The Time to Change Employer Pledge offers support to Seetec employees through free Train the Trainer Champion training, invitations to Masterclass events and the production of campaign activity packs to ensure any needed support for those with mental health issues is recognised and given.

Seetec Group CEO John Baumback said: “Seetec is committed to signing the pledge with employees' health and wellbeing at the forefront of our decisions as an organisation.

“The pledge has proven that employees report feeling more supported about issues concerning mental health, are more willing to disclose their personal experience, and are more confident about making managers and colleagues aware of their experience, which is why as an organisation it is important for us to acknowledge the importance of the pledge and put it into practice.”

Seetec Group has also this week joined Mindful Employer Charter, furthering commitment to providing a positive, open and supportive culture towards mental health and wellbeing. Established in 2004, Mindful Employer is a UK wide initiative run by Devon Partnership NHS Trust.