Insights Seetec Justice welcomes Lammy review
9 months ago

Seetec Justice welcomes Lammy review

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Seetec Justice welcomes publication of the Lammy review and its recommendations

We will continue to develop our services and our work with partners to improve outcomes for BAME (Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic) people, who are over-represented in the Criminal Justice System.

Nigel Bennett, Group Justice Director, Seetec Justice, comments:

“The Lammy review recommendations reflect our own operating model, which moves away from a one-size-fits-all approach, and focuses on working with each individual, sharing responsibility with them for the lifestyle changes needed. Achieving this will help to reduce reoffending, and the number of victims of crime.

We particularly welcome David Lammy’s recommendations around moving towards open decision-making, a whole system approach, and further direct involvement from the BAME community in helping us shape our services to meet the needs of our service users and avoid discriminatory practice.

We value individual engagement plans, evidenced by our Service User Council and service user involvement in planning their route to a crime-free life.

Our My Solution Rehabilitation Programme offers a wide range of interventions, matched to individual service users, making them truly bespoke. This shares the control over and responsibility for the outcomes achieved with the service user, their family and community. Through this we can achieve the open decision making and build the trust recommended in the review.

We are committed to multi-agency decision making and welcome the recommendations advocating a whole system approach. This has achieved good outcomes in developing more appropriate and effective services for women in the Criminal Justice System, and we look forward to the same success with BAME communities.

We commit to being a strong advocate for these recommendations with our criminal justice, voluntary sector and community partners. We welcome further involvement from community organisations and individuals who represent the BAME community.

Our approach takes account of our service users’ diverse backgrounds, working with them to evaluate and contribute to service development. This is achieved through forums, mystery shopper arrangements and involving them in business planning. Our accredited volunteer and mentoring service recruits ex-offenders and other members of the public, engaging all communities in the rehabilitation of offenders.

Our Through the Gate services, with those serving prison sentences and returning to the community, develops family and community ties and engages families in preparation for release. A key aim of our pre-release work is to build trust and develop our understanding of individual service user experiences. By working with them to set mutually-agreed expectations, we can build the trust which will help to break the cycle of reoffending and returning to prison.” 

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