Insights “Seetec has made my life easier - it has given me the confidence to do what I am doing”
30 March 2017

“Seetec has made my life easier - it has given me the confidence to do what I am doing”

David Standing

Seetec helps its disabled customers to find employment as record three-year high for employed disabled workers is announced

Newly-released figures by the Office for National Statistics has shown employment figures to be at a record three-year high for people with disabilities, with 3.6 million disabled people now currently in work - an increase of 594,000 people in the past three years. Recently, the ONS also announced that there are over 300,000 more people in work compared to the same time last year, with current employment rate standing at a record 74.6% - the highest employment rate since records began in 1971.

David Standing, from Wigan, had been unemployed for four years after working as a self-employed mechanic in South Africa. His physical disabilities from a left leg amputation left him unable to stand or walk without the help of a prosthetic leg and crutches, with existing medical problems also acting as a hinderance. Along with many others in the Wigan area, David turned to Seetec for the support he needed to help him return to work as a self-employed LED Vision lighting strip fitter.

David was referred to Seetec who began to work with David to identify the barriers that had left him feeling unemployable. Seetec provided David with initial one to one support, focusing on work-related activities that included working on his pre-employability skills, acknowledging and addressing his health concerns, all whilst supporting David ahead of his upcoming bypass operation.

After his operation and recovery period, David discussed his journey back into employment, training, and skills with Seetec, to ensure his decision to go back to work would be financially sustainable for him.

Using the skills that he already had and by working closely with his advisor for support, David began to explore the possibility of becoming self-employed. Seetec supported David financially with advertising costs, start-up costs for materials and tools, and helped him to fill in the required working tax credit forms. Seetec also helped David in the time between waiting for his benefits to change over and provided him with business advice, as well as any general support when required.

David is now a full-time business owner on a permanent basis, fitting multi-coloured LED strip lighting.

On his journey with Seetec, David said: ‘Seetec has made my life easier and has given me the confidence to do what I am doing. It has felt like I have had a silent business partner in my advisors at Seetec, who I could freely contact, bounce ideas off, and air any concerns or problems with. Now, I aim to build up my business, sell it, and retire a millionaire ’.

David’s Seetec Advisor, Anthony Baldwin, said: ‘David has had a long journey to get back to work, but as a team, we have supported him through each up and through many downs. At first, David attended his sessions with us having no idea of what he wanted to do, whilst dealing with rejections from employers that were sympathetic to David’s situation, but were unable to accommodate his requirements in relation to his disability. David kept himself upbeat as best he could, but was at a particular low ebb when we discussed the possibility of working for himself as a more suitable option.’

‘Deciding on a business idea and exploring the custom base was something that David grabbed with both hands. We supported David with designing leaflets, creating business cards, setting him up with a separate bank account and invoice book, and registering the company with HMRC to ensure that the business had every opportunity to succeed.’

‘I have enjoyed the challenge of working with David and overcoming the challenges we have faced together. David’s will to succeed has been so impressive that we have nominated David for Significant Achievement Award at this years’ prestigious ERSA ( Employment Related Services Associate ) Awards in London. Subsequently, I have used the knowledge gained to help others successfully overcome barriers into self-employment with confidence’.

By being proactive and embracing each new opportunity LED Vision has expanded its market range and client portfolio making David confident of a bright future... that future is LED Vision.