Insights Seetec Employees Take to the Polls as Firm Cements Employee Ownership Structure
08 June 2020

Seetec Employees Take to the Polls as Firm Cements Employee Ownership Structure


This week, we cement our new employee ownership structure as we elect our first employee council; the result of which will see one employee serve on the new Employee Ownership Trust Board.

Our 2,500 employees will choose 10 representatives to serve on the new employee council. The council will then help to influence business strategy and sit on key committees including senior leadership meetings and the Group Executive Board. The council will also elect a representative to serve on the Seetec Employee Ownership Trust Board, which oversees the majority stake of the business owned by the company’s employees.  

Candidates have been drawn from every part of the organisation and include frontline probation, employment and skills coaches. The polls open 10 June and successful candidates will be announced on 19 June. Both the employee council members and Employee Trustee Director will then serve for two years before passing their tenure to a new generation of elected employees in June 2022.

The elections come less than six months after Seetec founder Peter Cooper transferred 51 per cent of the company into an employee-owned trust for the sole benefit of Seetec employees. Consequently, we’re now the 9th largest employee-owned company in the UK and Ireland and thought to be the largest such business delivering frontline public services. 

Seetec Group CEO, John Baumback, said:

“These elections are a critical milestone as we implement our new employee ownership structure, which puts the future of our business in the hands of our people.

“It is Seetec’s employees who know the people they support best and understand what it takes to deliver life-changing services. These new structures give our employees influence as owners and a stake in the success created when Seetec delivers social value. I look forward to working with the employee council and the employee trustee director on the board to help strengthen our business and our offer to the people and places we serve.”

Deb Oxley Chief Executive of the Employee Ownership Association (EOA), said:

“We congratulate Seetec on this important step towards giving employees a voice in the operational and strategic direction of the business.

“Businesses that give employees a stake and a say build trust and shared responsibility, therefore uniting leaders and employees behind a common purpose. This leaves the business in a better position to flex and adapt – key qualities needed to help the UK Build Back Better.”

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