Insights Road to recovery: Finding practical solutions to overcome mental ill health
20 March 2017

Road to recovery: Finding practical solutions to overcome mental ill health

Road to recovery

Health and wellbeing are central to our ability to achieve independence and social integration. It’s sadly the case that people who are physically or mentally unwell have less chance of finding work, being well housed, having a strong social network and, generally, of obtaining the things that help create a sustainable, resilient, content life.

Assisting people to create life chances is Seetec’s business. When we assist someone to find a job or to rehabilitate after committing crime the outcome that we and that person seeks is a chance to build a life with the opportunities and advantages that many of us take for granted.

Recent media campaigns like “Time to Change” have started to draw attention to the prevalence of mental ill health and in the difficulties that those who battle with it have in their day-to-day lives. Mental ill health is the cause of 70 million lost days of work each year in the UK, according to the Mental Health Foundation. This figure represents lost jobs, lost livelihoods and a host of economic problems for the people affected, who are much more likely to be in poverty.

Assisting someone to overcome mental ill health is one of the most valuable things that we can do. Seetec, working with our clinical partners, is developing practical solutions for people that enable them to overcome this challenge and find their way into recovery, work, social integration and renewed life opportunities.

The challenge of physical ill health is no less great. The challenge is for us to find ways to identify physical health conditions early and, better still to prevent them occurring. Often these health conditions are caused by lifestyle. Seetec has a strong track record in assisting people to change their behaviour. The “Five Year Forward Plan for the NHS” talks about “getting serious about prevention”. Prevention is about finding ways to assist people to change the way they behave, for instance by reducing their alcohol intake or learning how to manage stress created by a range of factors in their lives. Working with current service users and consulting across the fields in which we operate we are using our experience of behaviour change in the ill health prevention field.

The health market is changing around us, with a strong emphasis on on-line solutions, self-help through technology and technology that helps people to manage their health. As an innovator in other fields, with a strong digital offering, this is a set of challenges that we relish.