Insights Response to the Justice Select Committee Report About the Future of the Probation Service
22 April 2021

Response to the Justice Select Committee Report About the Future of the Probation Service


Suki Binning, Executive Director of Justice and Social Care and the Seetec Group’s Chief Social Worker, commented on the publication of today’s Justice Select Committee report:

“Seetec welcomes the publication of the Justice Select Committee’s report about the future of the probation service. The committee has recognised the cultural shift needed in Government to deliver the types of probation interventions that work on the ground.

 “The committee’s recommendations, including a call for the Ministry of Justice to set out how the new model will be delivered practically on a local level and the need to put in place measures to manage workforce capacity, are welcome interventions at this critical time as the end of the transition period draws closer. Navigating the transition has not been straightforward to date because COVID-19, as an external challenge that required swift action, has not provided the ideal time or period of stability to press on at pace with the technical aspects of the move, but we have worked through it and are making good progress. What matters is that the Government’s new model works to help address the issue of confidence in the criminal justice system, we have shown that locally targeted interventions, backed by evidence, can aid rehabilitation and reduce reoffending.

“Our commitment to work closely with the National Probation Service and other criminal justice partners remains the same. It is important that the June handover is a success, we are focused on maintaining the highest levels of service delivery despite the continued challenging environment as a result of the ongoing pandemic and the restrictions put in place to protect public health.”