Insights New Marketing Apprenticeship Standards Will Help Industry Thrive
02 May 2018

New Marketing Apprenticeship Standards Will Help Industry Thrive

Marketing Apprenticeship Standards

The Institute for Apprenticeships is currently working with employers to create new apprenticeship standards to meet the needs of businesses across the UK. Employers can help develop standards by participating in trailblazer groups. These groups determine what skills, knowledge and behaviours the apprentice will need by the end of their apprenticeship.

Seetec’s Head of Group Marketing and Communications, Rebecca Clough, is helping to develop the new Level 4 Marketing Executive and Level 6 Marketing Manager standards. 

What are Trailblazers?

Trailblazers are groups of employers who work together to create and adopt new apprenticeship standards. Working together with the Institute for Apprenticeships, the Chartered Institute of Marketing and apprenticeship providers, the marketing trailblazer group comprises employers of many different industries and sizes.

How did you first get involved in the creation of the new marketing apprenticeship standards?

As an employer, I was looking at how to use our apprenticeship levy to grow our marketing skills, knowledge and behaviours. I noticed there were no marketing apprenticeship standards in development, and got in touch with the Chartered Institute of Marketing. They helped facilitate the group’s formation, bringing employers together to discuss what our fast-changing industry needed.

Who will the new marketing apprenticeships be aimed at?

Our employer group has developed two apprenticeship standards so far: level 4 Marketing Executive and level 6 Marketing Manager. The Marketing Executive apprenticeship is for people seeking to plan and execute tactical marketing activity, applying creativity, communication and project management skills. The Marketing Manager apprenticeship is for people keen to develop and demonstrate more strategic marketing knowledge, skills and behaviours. I’d envisage a wide range of people pursuing the new standards, from employees just starting out to more experienced professionals wishing to progress to the next level or switch careers.

What will apprentices be able to do once qualified?

By the time apprentices have successfully completed their apprenticeship, they will have demonstrated knowledge, skills and behaviours in areas such as marketing concepts, research, commercial awareness and resource management. Our employer group was keen to ensure the right balance between marketing theory and the ‘real world’ in which most of us operate – and the marketing competencies needed in the 21st century.

How will marketers benefit from the new standards?

Marketers completing the new apprenticeship standards are likely to find them stretching but extremely rewarding. It’s a great opportunity to grow professionally and stand out from the crowd. With an apprenticeship, you’re required to spend 20% of your time ‘off the job’. This is a chance to protect time to learn in a wide variety of ways – from work shadowing and industry visits to attending conferences or classroom study.

When employers see you’ve completed an apprenticeship, they can be confident that you’ve proved your abilities in a work environment.

As Head of Group Marketing and Communications, do you feel the new standards for marketing apprenticeships will encourage more people to enter this field?

I sincerely hope so. Marketing is critical to business success, and we need to attract and nurture the very best talent in our industry. Many of us stumble into marketing by chance, never having considered it as a career growing up. With the development of new apprenticeship standards, my hope is that more young people, parents and careers advisors become aware of the great opportunities offered by a marketing career.

Would you encourage others to be part of a trailblazer group?

I would encourage anyone committed to their profession’s development to get involved in a trailblazer group. As employers, if we want to ensure we have the right skills for the future we have a duty to define those skills and promote career pathways. No one else is better placed to address any gaps and make sure we have a pipeline of great talent.

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