Insights Mental health and the digital world
08 May 2017

Mental health and the digital world

Mental Health Awareness Week

The continuous use of social media is harming the mental and physical health of teenagers and adults. Too many of us are getting caught up in envy of the lives of others, or that is shown online. More and more users are comparing their lives to the likes of celebrities, resulting in low self-esteem, anxiety or even depression.

Stepping away from the online world can positively affect your mood and general outlook on life, which is why more and more professionals recommend disconnecting from social media. In fact, more young people than ever are taking the decision upon themselves to unplug.

Here’s how taking a break from social media can benefit you:

Better focus

Heading straight for your phone in the morning and during your commute does more bad than good. From the moment you click ‘Sign In’ you head is filled with clusters of unnecessary information, leading your focus to stray. Unwinding from the online world reduces the amount of distractions you are attracted to, to allow you to focus on what really matters.

More ‘you’ time

Before you know it, an hour has passed and you’re still scrolling through Instagram or flicking back and forth between the Facebook and Twitter apps. You may not realise it, but social media takes up a lot of our time which could be spent doing more productive, educational and fun activities with family or friends instead.

Less self-absorbed

The constant mind battle of who liked your post, how many people liked it and if it’s social media worthy is exhausting. With the pressure we put heavily upon ourselves, it’s easy to get caught up in the mix.

Improved attitude

Stepping away from the so-called ‘perfect’ lives of those who thrive on social media provides you with the opportunity to regain love for yours, without constantly comparing yourself to others.

Deleting your social media apps (yes – that means Facebook too) will enable you to be more aware of the real world, and avoid the fear of missing out.

So next time you point your thumb at the screen, we challenge you to take on the 7-day social detox to restore your positivity and improve mental health – we’d love to hear about your success!