Insights Laying the Foundations for Lasting Success
31 October 2017

Laying the Foundations for Lasting Success


Starting a new job is daunting for anyone at any age; new processes, new ways of doing things, new internal language and new people.  

I always remember my first full-time role at the tender age of 16; I was taken on as an office junior, in a role where I’d now be known as an apprentice.  I remember arriving at my first job in a prestigious solicitor’s office and sitting nervously in the reception, not knowing what to expect or what this would lead to. I just wanted to get through the first day and earn some money.  

Looking back now, as I sat there in my scuffed shoes and borrowed clothes, I had no idea what I wanted to achieve from my career or what I would end up achieving….  Fast forward a number of years and I can now reflect not only on how much I’ve learnt and how far I’ve come, but on how well I was supported by my first employer to build the foundations of a successful career so early on… I was shown how to write memos (yes memos!), type letters, file documents and use a basic computer system – skills that all proved to be invaluable back then. I also learnt about workplace etiquette, the art of communication and how to build effective working relationships.

Employing a young individual in their early career is so important and has lasting effects. Businesses that make it a good experience can really benefit from fresh talent – it’s a chance to inject new ideas and creativity into your workforce, driving you forward while you future-proof your business.

This week sees the start of our campaign to help young Essex talent into work; 30 Vacancies in 30 Days is inspired by our passion for apprenticeships and the opportunities they bring. Throughout November we’ll be promoting the benefits of apprenticeships to Essex employers and young people as we aim to fill 30 vacancies in 30 days.

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