Insights How an ex-offender led programme is paving the way for more cost-effective services
17 March 2017

How an ex-offender led programme is paving the way for more cost-effective services

User Voice

User Voice is led and delivered by ex-offenders. It engages and empowers people in the criminal justice system to 'foster dialogue between service providers and service users that is mutually beneficial, aiding rehabilitation and recovery and resulting in better and more cost-effective services'.  They work on the principle that 'the only people who can stop offending are offenders' and service users' views on how this can be done is valuable in shaping services that deliver lasting results.

In Kent, Surrey and Sussex User Voice helps the CRC to select, and then they train service users to be Service User Council Members. The Council Members then engage other service users, understand their thoughts on services, and they represent these views at quarterly Service User Councils where they feedback to senior managers in the CRC.

Seetec's relationship with User Voice developed from bid stage as we saw the value in having service user feedback from the very beginning of this contract. So far service users have provided their views on: Seetec's delivery model,  the locations of delivery sites, specific services for women, and the challenges they have with accessing other services such as accommodation support. User Voice Council Members have been involved in the recruitment process of senior managers within the CRC, and User Voice has also helped the CRC to employ ex-service users as Engagement Workers.

Since March 2015 User Voice has held 230 surgeries across KSS (and engaged 1247 service users) and has fed back to senior CRC leaders at 11 Service User Councils.