Insights Greater Manchester Celebrates National Apprenticeship Week
08 March 2019

Greater Manchester Celebrates National Apprenticeship Week

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To mark National Apprenticeship Week, North West businesses are sharing their apprenticeship success stories.

From 4-8 March, apprentices across the UK are being honoured with events and activities in the workplace to help grow their skill set, whilst raising awareness of the opportunities available to both businesses and budding apprentices.

Greater Manchester is one region dedicated to championing apprentices, with statistics from the House of Commons showing over 58,000 new apprenticeship starts taking place last year in the North West alone. With the area having a strong background traditionally built on industry and workers’ prospects, 2019 is set to be another key year for growth in young learners.

At Seetec, we work with several businesses throughout the UK but maintain a strong presence in Manchester and the North West. We work with businesses to help train, coach and deliver the right candidates needed, including apprentices.

One success story comes from Jack Cyphus, who is currently working towards his Diploma for Managers Standard whilst also working as a Restaurant and Assistant Manager at All Star Lanes. As one of a few leadership and management learners in the city, Jack has taken advantage of all the opportunities presented to him.

He said “I’ve always worked ever since I was 14 years old, whether it was a paper round , mowing lawns, being in kitchens. I never liked being in the classroom at school so when thinking about my career options I always knew university would be a bit too niche for me. An apprenticeship has allowed me to plan for my future.”

Jack, originally from Exeter, has been working at bowling alley All Star Lanes for three years and has been living in Castlefield, Manchester. Despite initially starting employment as a stop gap to save for travelling, Jack found the prospects available to him through Seetec have allowed him to grow his skill set and earn whilst he learns.

He continues “I’ve done a number of NVQs now which has really helped with my on the job training. I’m currently training to get my management and leadership course as I felt this is a skill that would prove most valuable to me, no matter what career I enter into. I’ve been able to learn multiple things at the same time such as law and legislation, and put them into practice straight away without having to choose a specific topic to study like I would have done at university. It gives me an opportunity to learn and to continue to develop a variety of different skills.”

Tom Turner, 24, from Wigan, was recruited by Outsource, also part of the Seetec group, and progressed from a Level 2 to completing a Level 4 apprenticeship. Working at Panalpina as an apprentice, he said: “I really like working in logistics. I was initially unsure about an apprenticeship but I needed to get work experience.”

“It’s hard work but I wanted to have the opportunity to get a good job. I genuinely believe it has helped me as I have been able to apply the business management theory I’ve learned to my job and bring about positive changes.

Tom even went on to win the Apprentice of the Year award at the prestigious British International Freight Association (BIFA) awards earlier this year.

“I would recommend an apprenticeship to anyone who is ambitious and willing to give it everything – it has been a struggle as I have been doing a full week’s work plus my course work. But I see it as an investment by myself and my employer which is already reaping rewards for my future.”

Jack believes National Apprenticeship Week is the perfect time to help others on their path to education who may not be sure what the best option might be for their future.

He says “I love my job and I’ve progressed so much since working here. The people are great and I have a good team around me to help as much as possible.”

“To anyone who’s not sure whether an apprenticeship is right for them, all I can say is that all experience is good experience. For me, having something to work towards in my job really helped with motivation. If I gain nothing else from it, I know that I’ve worked hard and gained experience, all whilst still earning money.”