Insights From Lock-up to Start-up
15 November 2019

From Lock-up to Start-up

Prison business entrepreneur

Around 80,000 people come out of UK prisons each year – most of them do not find work. But Adam’s story shows how Seetec can help people in prison to gain the skills they need to start a business or get a job on their release.

Adam* had never had a full-time job and he worried he wouldn't get one after he left prison too. But he didn’t have the best of starts when he was given an opportunity to gain work experience on the Remade with Hope and Seetec prison workshop at HMP Thorn Cross. At first, he lacked motivation and work ethic.

Seetec's Employment Coach Juliet noticed Adam was quiet and reserved. He constantly sought reassurance from others. So, she helped Adam to build his self-confidence and skill set. She gave him new tasks helping him learn quality control, problem-solving, stock rotation and team management skills.

Soon Adam was enjoying his work and he wanted to apply for one of the prison workshop supervisor roles. Juliet supported Adam to improve his interview technique through role-play.

He got the job. And as a supervisor, he learnt even more business skills.

Adam told Juliet he was interested in starting his own clothing line business when he left prison.

Juliet helped Adam to write a business plan. She also worked with the prison education team to get Adam a place on the business start-up programme. She referred him to Achieve, so he could open a business bank account and formally register his company.

Because prisoners who work at the Remade with Hope and Seetec workshop get paid a fair wage, Adam managed to save over £3,000. He is putting the money towards his new business venture.

Adam said: "I wouldn’t be in a position to start-up a new company and support my children without Juliet's help. Thanks to Juliet, I have gained the essential skills I need."

Seetec's Employment Coach Juliet said: "Adam has shown great entrepreneurial skills. I am pleased my work has given him the skills and tools so he can set up his own business after prison."

Working within five prisons, Seetec inspires and supports prisoners to achieve their employment goals. They bring employers into prisons replicating real working businesses to increase the chances of prisoners getting jobs post-release.

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*We've changed the individual's name to protect his identity