Insights Preparing for Your First Day as an Apprentice
10 June 2019

Preparing for Your First Day as an Apprentice

First day as an apprentice

So you’ve been offered the job and now you're getting ready for the first day on your apprenticeship.

You’re bound to be feeling nervous and excited, as well as wondering how to make a great first impression. Luckily, we asked our own apprentices to share their best apprenticeship advice to help you ace your first day on the job.

1. Get organised the night before

Try to familiarise yourself with the company, its values, the industry and your role. This will help you understand what’s expected whilst starting your apprenticeship and avoid any embarrassing mistakes. Make sure you get a good night’s sleep. If you’re a night owl you won’t be able to change your sleeping pattern overnight, so try to get into a routine beforehand. This will keep you feeling refreshed and improve your attention to detail. You won’t want to feel tired on your first day.

2. Turn up on time

This might seem like an obvious tip, however it’s worth doing a practice run during the morning rush hour and checking for any delays that could make you late. This is especially important if you’re starting an apprenticeship in a large city like London – it’s always best to plan a number of routes, just in case!

3. Dress the part

This will depend on the type of apprenticeship you’re starting and the work environment you’ll be in. Every workplace will have its own dress code, and you might already have an idea what to wear from the interview. If in doubt, play it safe and turn up wearing smart clothing. Employers are looking to see if you put in effort on the first day of your apprenticeship, and it never makes a good first impression when people go for a ‘scruffy’ look.

4. Remember to ask questions

If you have any for your team or mentor, don’t be afraid to ask them! You’re not expected to know everything, so don’t worry if you find yourself struggling to complete a task - just make sure you show that you’re eager to learn. Approach your manager as soon as possible to get a clear understanding of what’s expected of you. There will be lots of information to take in, but you won’t be expected to remember everything at once. Top tip: Take a notepad and pen!

5. Keep calm

Your new team members will understand how nervous you might be feeling – they were in the same position once. Try to relax and smile; show them you’re enjoying your first day – it will help you build a good working relationship with them from day one. Preparing some light conversation the night before might also help with your nerves.

Good luck for your first day of your apprenticeship! Remember you can contact our team of advisors if you have any questions about starting an apprenticeship.