Insights Domestic Abuse Bill Receives Royal Assent
05 May 2021

Domestic Abuse Bill Receives Royal Assent

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Suki Binning, Executive Director of Justice and Social Care and our Chief Social Worker, has welcomed the new Domestic Abuse Act:

“Victims of domestic abuse have long campaigned for further protections against those who perpetrate such a devastating crime. Domestic abuse can have a lasting impact on victims and their families lives. The Domestic Abuse Act is an important step forward that provides more scope in the criminal justice system to prevent intimidation and gives the police new powers, through Domestic Abuse Protection Notices, to provide victims with an additional layer of protection. We particularly welcome the Government’s commitment to produce a domestic abuse perpetrator strategy and we look forward to fully contributing to its development. 

“The truth is that we can never be complacent about the impact of domestic abuse. During the pandemic, reports of an increase in domestic abuse incidents continue to be a cause for concern. Through our domestic abuse and specific stalking interventions, we confront the behaviour that leads some individuals to perpetrate such crimes and work with partners in the criminal justice system to prevent more people becoming victims. As part of our Home Office commissioned study into the background and experience of perpetrators, we hope to provide an updated evidence base to explain some of the early warning signs and common patterns that trigger such abuse, so that more targeted interventions can be deployed to prevent domestic abuse before it begins.

“Whilst the Royal Assent of the Domestic Abuse Bill is a significant moment and the measures will deliver much-needed support, we must not lose sight of the fact that those who are trapped in abusive relationships today, need the police and the criminal justice system to take swift action now. The Act provides stronger legal parameters to do so.”