Insights Building skills for the future: Stephen’s story
30 October 2017

Building skills for the future: Stephen’s story

Stephen Ellis

Stephen, 17, had been looking for an apprenticeship since leaving school but was struggling to get noticed by employers. He had never been shown how to write a CV or apply for a job, so was finding it difficult to know where to start. Then he found out about Seetec’s programme for 15-24 year olds in Essex who want to improve their job prospects, and it seemed like a step in the right direction.

The programme offers young people like Stephen a chance to develop a variety of skills and prepare for a job or apprenticeship. Stephen’s course included a Level 1 award in social media for business – it inspired Stephen to think about his long-term goal, which is to become self-employed and set up his own commercial fishing company. The course offered him an insight into how any business can use digital and social media to promote its products and services.

The programme also gave Stephen a chance to develop other relevant work-related skills, with a focus on timekeeping and maintaining a professional attitude in the workplace. He was given help to create a CV that highlighted his most relevant skills, and was shown how to write a cover letter and tailor it to the job he was applying for. Stephen was also supported with interview preparation – he learnt how to conduct himself in front of potential employers and how to answer common interview questions.

Stephen’s advisor at Seetec, Lee Everest, was impressed by his positive attitude to the course and the progress he made in such a short space of time. He said,

“Stephen worked incredibly hard on the programme. He saw it as a real opportunity to shape his future and we’re all so proud of how far he’s come.”

Stephen’s hard work soon paid off, and he found an apprenticeship in the commercial fishing industry that was perfect for him. It was a chance to gain hands-on experience doing a job he enjoyed, while developing an understanding of the industry and the way businesses are run. He said,

“Seetec has really helped me get my foot in the door. I’ve learnt so much and found a job with great prospects. The programme has shown me how much I can achieve if I’m willing to give it my best shot.”

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