Insights Building a Life After Prison
29 January 2020

Building a Life After Prison

Railway construction job

Prisoners can often lack confidence, self-esteem and motivation, making it more difficult to find a job. Being in this state of mind, they can dismiss job opportunities that might exist. But thankfully for Muhammad*, a Seetec employment coach provided the right support to overcome his fears to re-enter the job market.

Before serving his prison sentence, Muhammad had worked in railway construction. But because he had gone to prison, Muhammad lost his job. Feeling his old life had been stripped away, he severed links with his former employer.

Years passed and Muhammad got a prison job on the Remade with Hope and Seetec workshop. He quickly excelled in his role with the support and guidance of Juliet, our Seetec Employment Coach, and was promoted to Quality Control Supervisor.

Nearing the end of his prison sentence, Muhammad began searching for job vacancies in the local area with Juliet’s help.

Juliet looked at his skills and experience to help match him to suitable job openings in his release area. But there was one job that she knew would be a perfect fit. A job working on the railway again.

While Muhammad was initially reluctant, Juliet encouraged him to let her contact his former employer. The employer said they would re-employ Muhammad if he completed a track induction course and an alcohol and drugs course.

Juliet referred Muhammad to ‘Achieve’ to get him the funding to do these courses.

Muhammad is part-way through completing the courses. He is keeping his former employer up to date about his progress, and he is feeling positive about leaving prison with a job to go to.

Muhammad said: "Juliet has helped me to get back on the job market. She has kept things moving forward. She always keeps me informed and updated about developments that will help me on my release.”

“I feel so much more confident about leaving prison with a job to go to. Before Juliet’s work, I had lost my confidence."

Seetec inspires and supports prisoners to achieve their employment goals. They bring employers into prisons, replicating real working businesses with the support of an employment coach, helping to increase the chances of prisoners getting jobs post-release.

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*We've changed the individual's name to protect his identity