Insights A day in the life of a digital marketing apprentice
03 July 2017

A day in the life of a digital marketing apprentice

Social Media & Digital Marketing Apprentice, Jasmine

Ever wondered what a job in digital and social media is all about? Social media and digital marketing apprentice, Jasmine, gives us an insight into her role and a typical day on the job...


8:30am: As soon as I get to work I switch on my computer and have a chat with my colleagues about what we got up to the night before (or over the weekend) before checking our company’s social media pages. This involves responding to direct messages, comments or notifications from time spent off social media.


10:00am: Today, a content planning team meeting was scheduled in for 10:00am. In these sessions we discuss and plan online content which we'll publish on our website and share on social media throughout the year – we’re already finalising our online activity for the Christmas period! I enjoy putting my suggestions forward in these sessions, listening to others and watching plans unfold.


11:00am: Next, I book my train ticket for tomorrow as I’m heading to London for a meeting. Although my role is office based I still get the opportunity to attend events and exhibitions like The Skills Show, and can get involved in external activities for social media purposes. This allows me to network, build connections and get the hands-on experience I was never able to get in college.


1:00pm: Each month, on pay day, we go to the local café for lunch. I enjoy being able to take an hour out with my colleagues to find out more about them and make plans together. Today we spoke about arranging a day out to Alton Towers, as we did a trip to Thorpe Park last year for Halloween.


2:00pm: I got a text from my friend at college who’s had to cancel our plans for tonight. She’s drowning in coursework at the moment, whereas my apprenticeship allows me to have a steady work-life balance. Although my workload is fairly high right now I’ve learned to manage my time to plan, collate and design content - and keep on top of my apprenticeship work - during the working day.


3:00pm: Today I did a couple of hours work towards my apprenticeship framework. I really enjoy being able to work at my own pace with the support of my colleagues, assessor and line manager. At the end of my apprenticeship I'll have gained a Level 3 NVQ in Digital Marketing, which allows me to either progress onto a Level 4 Higher Apprenticeship or jump straight into work. It’s nice to know that there’s more than just one option available!


4:30am: Before signing out for the day, I like to check all our social media accounts one last time to reply to any outstanding comments. At the start of my apprenticeship, I was surprised at how much responsibility was handed over to me from day one. One common misconception about apprentices is that we make the tea and do all the tedious tasks that no one else wants to do, but this simply isn’t the case! My apprenticeship has allowed me to gain confidence and improved my career prospects as I now know exactly what I’d like to pursue. I look forward to seeing what the future has in store!


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