Insights Temporary to Permanent: How to Develop your Seasonal Staff in Northern Ireland
09 December 2018

Temporary to Permanent: How to Develop your Seasonal Staff in Northern Ireland

Two warehouse apprenticeship workers

Its a busy time of year for most employers and especially for the logistics, warehousing and storage sector. 

Like most businesses, if you are in this industry you would have taken on temporary staff to meet seasonal demand.

Finding workers that are the right fit for your business is always a challenge and you will have already invested time and money to recruit and train temporary employees.

So why let good temporary employees go in the new year if you have vacancies?  Why not invest in employing them permanently on an apprenticeship and develop their skills?

With government funding, your new and existing staff moving into new roles can benefit from a wide range of professional apprenticeship training in your sector.

Who are apprenticeships for?

In Northern Ireland, apprenticeships are for young people who are aged between 16 and 24 years.  They are for new and existing staff who are undertaking new roles.

What apprenticeship training is available?

Training is bespoke, tailored to fill the skills gaps in your business.  Seetec offers level 2 or level 3 apprenticeships in:

  • Warehousing and Storage
  • Logistics Operations
  • Supply Chain Management including sea, air or road freight
  • Traffic Office
  • Driving Goods Vehicles

How will it benefit my business?

Businesses that provide training for their employees should see an increase in staff morale and, in turn, an increase in productivity.  Employing a diverse workforce also brings different talents, skills and experiences, as well as fresh new ideas to benefit your business.  Plus, apprenticeship training is goverment funded, meaning you save on your training costs.

Would you like to discuss professional apprenticeship training in more detail?

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