Insights Seetec to deliver "ApprenticeshipsNI 2017" programme in Belfast
15 August 2017

Seetec to deliver "ApprenticeshipsNI 2017" programme in Belfast

Northern Ireland apprenticeship employer

Seetec, one of the largest and most experienced employment and skills specialists in the UK and Republic of Ireland, has been appointed to deliver high quality apprenticeship opportunities for young people in Belfast City.  The firm was successful in its proposal to deliver training for the ApprenticeshipsNI 2017 programme and Seetec expects to place more than 180 young people (aged 16-24) in newly created apprenticeships over the coming months. 

The ApprenticeshipsNI programme will see Seetec engaging with both employers and young people to facilitate apprenticeships.  Seetec will be reaching out to employers across a number of industries in Belfast with a particular focus on the Social Media & Digital Marketing, Aviation and Logistics sectors. 

ApprenticeshipsNI is part-funded through the Northern Ireland European Social Fund Programme 2014 – 2020 and the Department for the Economy.  In 2016, almost 7,500 individuals took up apprenticeships as part of the programme, including just under 1,300 in Belfast.  Seetec will look to build upon this by drawing upon its extensive experience of delivering apprenticeships in the mainland UK market where it has previously worked with organisations including Accenture, Lloyds Bank and Essex Cricket.

Discussing the significance of this initiative for young people, Melanie Nicholson, Seetec Director of Excellence said: “Seetec is one of the most experienced training providers in the UK.  We have extensive experience in creating first class quality apprenticeship opportunities across a variety of roles, sectors and employers.  We work with leading employers in exciting sectors, and have the expertise to match young people with the right companies.”

As well as learning on-the-job with their employer, apprentices will also avail of directed “off-the-job” training from Seetec. Usually delivered on a day-release basis, this allows the apprentices to work towards achieving vocational qualifications and Essential Skills qualifications such as Application of Number, Communications and ICT.  Skills and employability issues are a continuing concern for Belfast employers.  In 2013 a third of employers reported having difficulty recruiting, with half of these employers crediting lack of skills for this difficulty.

Discussing the advantages of the ApprenticeshipsNI programme for employers, Rob White, Seetec Sales Director said: “When we speak to Northern Irish business leaders they talk about a shortage of candidates with skills like teamwork, planning, organisation, problem solving and communication.  We’re hearing that lack of work experience is a much more frequent obstacle for young job seekers than qualifications.”

“The programme gives employers the opportunity to develop talent in a way that suits their business. Apprentices have fresh ideas, unique perspectives and the latest skills.  They are capable of making real contributions to businesses,” Rob added.

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Apprenticeships are part funded through the Northern Ireland European Social Fund Programme 2014 – 2020 and the Department for the Economy.