Insights Seetec Highlights Benefits of Apprenticeships for Belfast Employers
15 August 2019

Seetec Highlights Benefits of Apprenticeships for Belfast Employers

Young apprentices at work

Investment in hands-on work experience means employers have a high-quality, skilled workforce

A total of 50 employers in Northern Ireland have benefited from the recruitment of apprentices across a wide variety of sectors.

Seetec is now urging more businesses in Northern Ireland to consider apprenticeships to attract talent to their industry. ApprenticeshipsNI offers a variety of apprenticeships for young people meaning businesses can avail of new talent, recruited and trained to suit the businesses’ needs through practical, work-based learning.

Now is the time that many young school leavers will be considering their options, to continue their educational journey or to start their career through ApprenticeshipsNI. It makes sense that companies take heed of this young raw talent to shape their future business needs.

Recruitment and training of these young apprentices is funded, which means it is one of the most cost-effective ways for a business to recruit and upskill its existing workforce to gain industry recognised qualifications, skills and innovation across many diverse employment areas.

Though we are currently at a stage of low unemployment, many economic reports indicate a large skills gap looming. When businesses support young people in their chosen career path, they can benefit from qualified employee opportunities and can avail of the skills gained.

Speaking about the programme, Julie Gorman, Operations Manager at Seetec Employment and Skills Ireland said: “The ApprenticeshipsNI programme, which Seetec was appointed to deliver since 2017, is a fantastic way in which employers can upskill their existing workforce or bring in a new member of staff. The on-site learning by participants gives them a hands-on experience with the work and responsibilities involved in their chosen career path.

“Seetec aims to create opportunities for prospective apprentices and provide talented and trained individuals to employers, and we see a demand for these roles in workplaces. Through Seetec, employers can train participants and educate them in the necessary skills and criteria needed for their business.

“If an employer decides to take on an apprentice, whether it is a new recruit or an existing member of staff that wishes to increase their skills, we here at Seetec work closely with the employer to find the best candidate and agree on a suitable timeframe for recruitment and training. The timeframe for recruitment is usually between four and ten weeks, and training can take 1 – 2 years depending on the programme.

“At the end of this training period, the participating business will have a trained apprentice with the necessary skills for their workplace. The success of the programme to date exemplifies the need for workers across the main employment areas available as part of ApprenticeshipsNI.”

Michelle Connolly, Director of ProfileTree who availed of the ApprenticeshipsNI programme, said: “You do have that additional support and training. For us it has been a really, really good way to tap into new talent and to really get those skills trained up the way we want them to be, and to welcome new staff into our culture and how we run our business.”

Watch our video to see how some employers have benefited from ApprenticeshipsNI