Insights The Importance of Learning and Development for Staff Retention
29 March 2018

The Importance of Learning and Development for Staff Retention

Female employer training her staff

The importance of training employees cannot be overestimated. In today’s competitive world, it plays a key role in many an organisation’s retention strategy.

Learning and development applies to almost every sector and business area. A good induction into the company and job – as well as on-going training opportunities - can help an individual feel valued and welcomed into the organisation they have chosen to build their career with. This brings benefits for the company too, and plays an important role in employee retention in the long term.

Building loyalty

Training an employee enables them to grow and feel good about the job they are doing – this can shape their view of the organisation and their role within it. They are likely to be more loyal and willing to contribute long term to a company that provides them with training and the potential for growth and progression.

Providing career pathways

Providing career pathways is crucial to retaining talented people. The way to do this is by working with employees to plan career paths and then provide them with the learning they need to help them reach their career goals. This could include giving them access to apprenticeships, specific professional qualifications, and soft skills or generic IT training.

Investing in skills

Organisations that are willing to invest in their employees by offering long-term qualifications or technical job-related courses will attract and keep employees who have the right skills and can better contribute to business growth. Employees who receive appropriate training become more valuable to an organisation, and feel valued in return.

Company reputation

An organisation that invests in its people will gain a reputation for being forward-looking. More often than not, this helps to attract some of the best talent in the market. Employees who stay with an organisation for a few years often do so because they feel confident in their employer’s commitment to staff development.

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