Insights 4 Simple Strategies to Help you Recruit and Retain Your Warehouse Staff
04 June 2019

4 Simple Strategies to Help you Recruit and Retain Your Warehouse Staff

Young person in warehouse

How do you ensure that your warehouse staff stay loyal to your business?

Discover four strategies that will help you recruit and retain the best warehouse and storage workers for your business.

Recruit an apprentice

Research has shown that apprentices are more loyal to their employer than other workers. Reasons could be as an employer you have shown commitment to their training, have invested in growing their career, and want to develop them into future leaders within your business. Listen to our short video on recruiting an apprentice here.

Upskill your existing workforce

Building upon the knowledge and skills of your current workforce will not only improve productivity, cut down on mistakes but will boost employee morale and satisfaction. Showing an investment in your employees will show you are committed to them and their success at work. Read more about upskilling your workforce here.

Pay a decent wage

Your workers are an asset to your business, and will over time bring knowledge, experience and loyalty so why scrimp on their salaries? Offering a good salary from the start will bring the right people who will be less inclined to leave.

Offer flexible working hours

Offering flexible hours makes good business sense. Not only will you attract a more diverse workforce appealing to people who need to work around home commitments, but you will be able to operate extended hours.

How can Seetec help?

Seetec offers warehousing and storage apprenticeships in Belfast for young people (16-24 years) who are new recruits or existing staff, who have significantly changed roles. Apprenticeships are available in level 2 and level 3 and cover:

  • Operating specialist machinery
  • Keeping some goods at low temperatures
  • Managing stock
  • Audit inventory
  • Keeping equipment in good working order
  • Processing returned goods
  • Managing the receipt, storage and dispatch of goods
  • Maintaining the safety of hazardous goods and materials

For more information on our employer services, contact our local Belfast consultant on 028 9030 3998 today or register your interest