Insights Seetec Teams With Institute of Employability Professionals for Sell-Out Event
07 November 2018

Seetec Teams With Institute of Employability Professionals for Sell-Out Event

Seetec and IEP joint event

On Thursday 1 November 100 industry professionals gathered as part of Seetec’s sell-out networking event with the Institute of Employability Professionals (IEP) at the Greater Manchester Chamber of Commerce.

With employment figures in Greater Manchester the highest they’ve been in 10 years, and over 1,255,000 residents of working age (16-64) in employment, Seetec continues to play a part in helping to lower unemployment rates. Events like these provide Seetec with an opportunity to combine forces with other industry experts to share knowledge and expertise at a regional level.

Exploring the links between employability and skills

The theme of the event was ‘The Links between Employability and Skills’, with presentations from employability experts from across the region and opportunities for guests to network with some of Manchester’s key players in the skills and employment sector.

The event discussed some of the big labour market challenges for the next 10-20 years, including the EU exit and automation, which is predicted could replace up to 35% of UK jobs.

Andy Fawcett, Director of Greater Manchester Learning Provider Network (GMLPN), said “Moving forward we need an employment and skills system which is not only good at getting people into work but is also good at keeping them in work. Devolution in Greater Manchester presents us with a real opportunity to do this.

“In the next twenty years robotics and information technology will displace up to a third of all jobs – our challenge will be to retrain individuals for the jobs of the future.”

Matt Ainsworth, Assistant Director of Strategy at Greater Manchester Combined Authority (GMCA), gave a 20-minute presentation on the Greater Manchester Work and Skills Strategy , explaining how the GMCA is working with businesses across the region to continue their plans into 2019.

He said “Even though Greater Manchester now has almost record employment levels, many families are still struggling to make ends meet, meaning that work is not a guaranteed way out of poverty. Good work, paying a real living wage, with opportunities to progress and develop is critical - and this can only be achieved if the employability and skills systems work in tandem.

“Moreover, businesses must rise to the challenge, which is why the Mayor of Greater Manchester has launched a consultation on the creation of a Good Employment Charter. With good jobs and quality employability and careers advice - supported by a locally responsive skills system - we have an opportunity to make Greater Manchester a true powerhouse.”

Sharing best practice

Guests at the event also heard from Scott Parkin, Executive Chairman at the IEP, which has 2,753 individual members across the UK.

Scott commented “These networking events are what the IEP does best, bringing people together to share knowledge and understanding for the benefit of their own delivery practice, impacting on service users in a very positive way.

“The employability sector is full of professionals supporting the development of people, often with challenging issues that impact their independence and their ability to enter or remain in employment, and this is no easy job.

“By sharing and supporting each other we are building a profession of choice that is recognised by employers, government and the general public as a valued occupation and one that really makes a difference on a daily basis. The IEP has a series of networking events taking place across the UK throughout 2018 /19 and we urge people to get booked onto one of them in their local area”.  

The importance of partnerships

Ian Tully, Head of Employability at Seetec, stressed the importance of partnership working across industry sectors to improve the skills offer for businesses in the region.

He said “There is much value in having so many professionals from the skills and employability sector in the same room at one time to discuss hot employment topics in Greater Manchester and ensure that all parties are working now to create a bright future for the city. It’s brilliant to have such a diverse cross section of organisations attending, from small providers to local authorities. We hope to further develop these joint events between Seetec and the IEP so we can continue to join forces for the future benefit of the industry.”

To culminate the evening, attendees were invited to join in round table discussions - curated by Seetec - surrounding the GMCA Good Employment Charter. The aim of the charter is to help employers reach excellent employment standards and become more successful as a result. Guests were able to share their thoughts on how to improve employer engagement and the benefits of employers and employees joining the charter.

For further information on the IEP, membership and their events, visit their website and follow @IEPinfo on Twitter.