Insights Celebrating Diversity in the Workplace
16 September 2019

Celebrating Diversity in the Workplace

Celebrating Diversity in the Workforce Feature Image

We invited Manchester businesses to encourage, support and inspire one another in workplace diversity.

The event was held at the Greater Manchester Chamber of Commerce on Friday 13 September, and focused on raising awareness and support for individuals with disabilities looking to enter and progress in the world of work.

The employers were also given an opportunity to network and meet with already disability confident businesses, including McDonalds and United Utilities, to share knowledge on how better to expand their horizons when it comes to recruiting people with disabilities.

The event was opened by the Lord Mayor of Manchester, Abid Latif Chohan, and followed by a talk from former Shadow Minister for Disabled People Kate Green MP, who also took pledges from those inspired by the event and keen to make a difference in the workplace.

Kate Green, current Labour MP for Stretford and Urmston, was also responsible for presenting awards to recognised businesses and individuals who’d ‘gone the extra mile’ when it came to workplace inclusivity.

The Achiever of the Year Award went to Daniel Robinson, a single dad who showed sheer determination when it comes to finding work. As a fully qualified painter, decorator and machinist, Daniel hasn’t let his disability hold him back.

Daniel said “Winning means a lot to me - it shows that I’ve tried hard all year round and that I’ve done my very best to get back into work. Events like this helps people like me who have disabilities get recognised for everyday tasks that we might find more difficult than an average person. Being able to use these services to find amazing mentors that help me get everything I need to get back into work.”

As a previous Director of the National Council for One Parent Families, Kate Green MP was delighted to present the award. She said “I’m an employer - I’ve been to Disability Confident events in the past and it’s now made me confident enough to employ disabled people in my work place and I can safely say it’s been one of the best things we’ve ever done. It’s brought us new skills, new ways at looking at how we work and I would urge every employer to think about how they can make room for a disabled member of staff.”

Winning the Employer of the Year Award was Single Resource, due to their dedication and effort in employing people with physical and mental health needs. Other finalists included Marks and Spencers, Arcus and B&M.

Greg Bate, Senior Operational Partnership Manager at Seetec Pluss commented “With unemployment at its lowest since the 1970’s, businesses are struggling to get the right people to fill their vacancies. By working with Seetec Pluss, they can tap into a wealth of skills, talent and enthusiasm. We work with hundreds of people who have often been overlooked in the past – this is often due to inflexible recruitment procedures, lack of confidence or society’s preconceived ideas - yet the participants we work with have the skills and passion to do the job if only they’re only given the opportunity to shine! The event has been a great success in allowing disability confident businesses connect with those less experienced, so they can inspire and support one another to become diverse workplace leaders.”

For more information on Seetec Pluss and how we can help support your workplace diversity, contact a member of our team today.