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8 months ago

Our Top 6 Revision Tips

Revision Tips

The exam period is almost upon us! With teachers screaming out about making their subject a top priority, your priorities can become as clear as mud. The closer you get, the duller revision gets. I’ve recalled some of the most helpful tips that provided me with the motivation and satisfaction to get through it!

Listen to the radio

Although listening to the radio may be a distraction to some, it really helped me concentrate and zone-in on what I was doing rather than sitting in silence; I found this more distracting! I also found that listening to the radio as opposed to my ‘favourite’ songs made me more productive, as I wasn’t sat singing along (all the time).


Stick it up!

Something my English teacher recommended back in school was to stick post-it notes to walls, inside cupboards or on objects you see frequently. Throughout the exam season, I stuck notes to both the bathroom and kitchen walls, which really helped!


Change up your revision space

Revising in the same place, staring at the same wall day in and day out is no doubt boring, so I tried to switch up where I’d sit each day. For me, my favourite place to revise was in the garden because I still felt involved in everyday activity and wasn’t bunched up inside all day.  


Complete past papers

As admittedly tedious as they can be, completing past exam papers are the best way to put into practise your techniques and put your knowledge to the test to avoid making the same mistakes when it counts the most. My teachers were more than happy to provide me with feedback – yours will be too!


Use apps

I can't recommend downloading apps enough! They were a lifesaver for me. As an individual who prefers bite-sized chunks of revision, downloading apps on my iPhone was ideal. My two most-used were:
Quizlet – Quizlet allows you to create interactive flashcards which were ideal on the bus journeys to and from school, in the car and right before an exam! I found these especially useful when reminding myself of French vocabulary.  

Exam Countdown – Exam Countdown helped me prioritise my exams depending on date and time. It allows you to store all of your exam dates in one place, all of which you can colour code and add notes to. I colour coded mine in terms of confidence. For example; red subjects required more attention than those in orange or green which made the whole process a little clearer.

Take advantage of extra support

I think it’s important to take advantage of all the help and support your school provides, and attend as many revision sessions as you can too – especially those you are appointed to. They are there to help you reach your full potential and are definitely not something to be embarrassed or ashamed about!

I would also recommend making optional homework, mandatory homework! It’s all to help you and may be the difference between achieving a B or an A. Strive to succeed!

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