Insights Insider Advice from Our Apprentices
1 year ago

Insider Advice from Our Apprentices

Insider Advice from Our Apprentices

We got in touch with a few of our apprentices to share their advice and experience as an apprentice with school leavers or students who are considering the apprenticeship route. See what they had to say below:

Sophie – Digital Marketing apprentice

“I have to admit, I never thought about apprenticeships when I left school. After my GCSE’s I decided to go to college and study magazine publishing, a 2 year course to prepare me for university which at the time I thought was the right decision but soon realised it wasn’t for me. I wanted to gain real experience and not have the debt to pay off at the end of a qualification.

My advice to anyone thinking about an apprenticeship after school, college or even now in the workplace is to have a look into qualifications that employers can offer you. An apprenticeship can give you a real insight into the industry you want to work in and whether it’s the right career path for you. If you want to sign-up for an apprenticeship as an employee, I couldn’t recommend it enough. There are so many interesting parts of an apprenticeship that will help to increase your knowledge.”

Rosie – Processing Administrator apprentice

“An Apprenticeship was the right route for me because when I left school I tried out sixth form, however, it wasn’t for me. I didn’t want to be sitting in a classroom, doing homework every day and the stress of more exams anymore. I felt like I was ready to move on and start my working career.

My role as a Processing Administrator involves me working alongside the Claims Team. Everyone is so supportive and helpful but you’re not mollycoddled you’re treated as a colleague in the company.

The reason I wanted to do an apprenticeship over sixth form is because I’m getting the experience and knowledge I need in an office environment, earn some money for myself. To go with it I’m getting a Business Admin Level 2 NVQ qualification. My goal is to get reach up to hopefully level 4 Business admin. Anyone that is considering an apprenticeship I would definitely recommend it!”

Adrian – IT Support apprentice

“I have enjoyed jumping into a job straight after college. It has been challenging, enjoyable and not nearly as boring as I expected… especially after attending college 3 days a week to working 37 hours per week.

To me, going to University and racking up thousands of pounds worth of debt sounded like a bad idea. My Apprenticeship allows me to learn about things that I would otherwise be learning in a classroom, if not at University, helping me realise that I need to actively think of the future and take control, as it’s up to me to decide what I want to do.”

Charlotte – Digital Marketing apprentice

 “I work for a company called WeAreTheCity, which is a business that helps women progress in their careers, my role here is head of Social Media. This means I manage all of our social media accounts across different channels promoting different events we have going on.

I really enjoy my role and being able to work and gaining a qualification at the same time is a huge benefit of doing an apprenticeship as not only are you receiving work life skills you are also gaining a qualification too.

Being an apprentice has really helped me with my future prospects as I have attended numerous events and have built up a cliental of people who I network with and now have connections with from all different industries and companies around London and Essex.

If you are looking to start an apprenticeship my advice would be to go for it and if it doesn’t work out you can always go back to A-Levels, but you might never get an apprenticeship opportunity like the one you have been offered again.”

Callum – IT & Multimedia apprentice

“Assuming you are leaving school, looking for a new career opportunity or are simply looking to gain more qualifications, an apprenticeship is a good mix of both as you are able to gain credibility whilst increasing your knowledge.

I personally believe that after finishing my apprenticeship I will have expanded both my technical knowledge and knowledge of the working world. Apprenticeships provide you with at least a year’s worth of experience and one (or multiple in my case) qualifications that can be added to your CV to open many more doors and lead to new career opportunities.

If you are considering the Apprenticeship route I’d recommend making sure to keep tabs and a healthy balance between study and work, as both are just as important as each other.”

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