Insights Ensure Your Social Profile Doesn't Hinder Your Career Prospects
24 April 2017

Ensure Your Social Profile Doesn't Hinder Your Career Prospects

Ensure your social profile doesn't hinder you

The number of businesses that use social media to find out more about job candidates has more than doubled over the past 10 years. Now, more than 60% of employers use social media to research potential employees, their habits and professionalism. It enables employers to get a glimpse, if only limited, to the lives candidates lead outside of the office.

To ensure your social activity doesn’t hinder your chances of getting the job, we’ve compiled a few tips to help iron out your online presence:

Keep it fresh and up-to-date

Keep your social media accounts in check. Your LinkedIn profile will lose its effectiveness if it hasn’t been updated since 2002. Ensure it is updated with new achievements, skills gained and responsibilities as well as promotions as they happen to avoid forgetting a vital piece of information that could stand out to a potential employer before you’ve formally introduced yourself.

Don’t be that person…

Yes – there is such thing as sharing too much information. The best way to avoid this information falling into an employer’s hands is to juggle your Facebook settings, set photo albums to ‘me only’ and consider making both Twitter and Instagram accounts private.

Definitely do not:

  • Post inappropriate photos or yourself, or anyone else
  • Write negative things about your colleagues (or boss)!
  • Post things against people of any gender, religion or race
  • Lack basic spelling, punctuation or grammar

Think about what anyone who isn’t a friend can find if they dig in the right places. We’re pretty certain that your actual friends wouldn’t want to see any of the above on their social media feeds either.

Consider carefully what groups you’re part of, accounts you have, content you share and likes you make. It may not strike you as a concern but what groups you join on Facebook, Tweets you share and likes you make on Instagram can all determine your career success. Don’t associate yourself with something you don’t want to be linked with in a couple of days, weeks or even years’ time. The way you use social media really can impact your career.

Restrict your privacy:

Don’t want to be tagged or even closely associated with that picture your friend tagged you in from Friday night? Manage your Facebook (or all social privacy settings) so you can manage what you can be ‘tagged’ in and what appears on your wall – as well as who can see it.

Blogging for business:

You have your own blog; great! Ensure all your posts use the correct spelling, grammar and punctuation. If it has your real name and photography on it, make sure it’s something you are happy for people to associate you with and are comfortable to be asked about.

Looking good!

Voila! Your social profiles are now all up to date and employer proof although this shouldn’t stop when you actually secure the job. More than 25% of employers admitted that social media led to reprimanding or firing one or multiple employees due to their behaviour online; a private life is a happy one.

Happy spring social cleaning!

We hope you like this article – it was written by one of Seetec’s Social Media apprentices.  If you would like to find out more about Seetec’s apprenticeship opportunities get in touch today