Insights Apprenticeships Help Rayleigh Business to Grow
8 months ago

Apprenticeships Help Rayleigh Business to Grow


Award-winning Proteus Waterproofing is encouraging local businesses to tap into the talent of apprentices to highlight the benefits to employers.

Named as a Top 100 Apprenticeship Employer and a finalist in the 2016 National Apprenticeship awards, Proteus sees its apprentices as one of the key factors in the staggering growth of the business.

Nationally 75 per cent of apprenticeship employers report that the young people have helped their business to improve the quality of their product or service and, at Proteus, the company has seen widespread improvements to administrative processes.

Office manager Rozalind Richardson explained: “Given the rate at which we’re growing, we need to ensure our office procedures for sales order processing, purchasing, invoicing and project tracking continue to develop, and our apprentices are helping to make them more efficient.

“Apprentices are a fantastic way for the business to grow through taking the highly under-utilised resource of young people, who have raw talent and huge enthusiasm, and nurturing them through training and support.

“We take an individual approach, working closely with our apprentices to draw out their interests and moulding job roles to suit their skills. We work with apprenticeship providers to ensure the tasks they undertake in the workplace fit in with their learning.”

Rozalind said the company had taken on four apprentices, two of whom completed their apprenticeships and were offered full-time positions with Proteus; the remaining two are still completing their programmes. “The intention is not to train people to leave, but rather to teach the skills that we need as a business in a way that makes them want to stay. We will continue to recruit apprentices to facilitate both their growth and ours.”

Matt Davis, 19, is a Level 3 Business Administration apprentice recruited through training and skills provider Seetec, who is currently working on reception.

Former college student Matt explained: “The biggest benefit of doing an apprenticeship is earning and learning. In my role, I’ve learned a lot of things, such as managing my time effectively, and I’ve gained a lot of experience in a business role.”

He has regular progress reviews with a Seetec member of staff to ensure he keeps on track with his coursework, which includes subjects such as data protection; manual information systems and negotiations.

Rozalind highlighted a project which the company’s IT apprentice, who is currently shortlisted for a National Apprenticeship award, is undertaking. He is developing and implementing a new cloud-based project tracking platform, which will enable Proteus to move away from manual systems, and give sales staff easy access to the information they need.

“Without our apprentice, this platform would still be in the pipeline. It represents a fantastic example of the benefits brought to our business, with our apprentice directly facilitating company growth and development,” she said.

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