Insights Another Great Reason to Pursue Apprenticeship Training
15 January 2018

Another Great Reason to Pursue Apprenticeship Training

Apprentice uses NUS Apprentice extra card

Apprenticeship training has many benefits, allowing you to study while you work and develop your career. But did you know that if you’re on an apprenticeship programme you can make your money go further with an NUS Apprentice extra card?

For around £11 a year, you can get discounts in-store and online from hundreds of brands including Amazon, Superdrug, Pizza Express, Odeon and many more.

Anyone can apply for an NUS Apprentice extra card, as long as you’re following an apprenticeship programme with an approved apprenticeship provider. This includes experienced professionals pursuing higher-level apprenticeship training as well as young apprentices.

Find out more and apply for the NUS Apprentice extra discount card here.

Whether you’re just starting out or looking to develop your career through higher level apprenticeship training, we can offer advice and support. Our experienced team of advisors will be happy to answer any questions you have.  You can get in touch here.