Peter Cooper
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Peter Cooper

Executive Chairman

In 1984 Peter set up Seetec as an ITeC, with funding from the DTI, MSC, Essex and Rochford Councils and with private sector sponsors Access, British Telecom, ICL and Sony.

Based in Hockley, Essex, it provided intensive 12 month training programmes for unemployed trainees and later adults, leading to careers in programming, personal computing and electronics.

As a founder of Seetec, across 35 years he has grown the business from six staff members to over 2,500 and to a turnover of £150m. Seetec is now one of the leading public and business service providers of skills, employment, health and offender rehabilitation in the UK and Ireland.

Over the years he has led a diversified portfolio of businesses as a computer reseller, software house in health informatics, open learning and technology-based learning. He remains passionate about corporate social responsibility and supporting ‘fringe charities’, local communities, the environment, conservation of woodlands and heritage assets.

He has been privileged to work with a superb management team, passionate co-founders and dedicated employees who share the same spirit and passion for improving people’s lives.

From the beginning, employee ownership and a culture of creating profit for social value, has sat at the heart of the business.

As Chairman, extending employee ownership has been a long-term ambition.